The problem…

Causes need sustainable revenue

Causes play a central role in our cities, but need an innovative and sustainable funding process that integrate local communities and companies to tackle big problems and promote the common good.

Communities need an entry point

Communities in America are generous, but with a fast paced life it’s easy to overlook those who are in need of help. We need a new approach that is simple, easy and free.

Companies need to be integrated

Companies want to participate but need a new donation model that moves with their cash flow, raises their visibility as partners in transformation, and becomes an easy on-ramp to participate with the community.

The solution…

Companies agree to give from each new purchase.

Merchants commit a percentage of their sales to a cause campaign of the consumer’s choice. The money is deposited into the causes account and is available for immediate social IMPACT.

You choose where your purchase percent goes.

Consumers support the outcomes they are passionate about by preferring a merchant on the exchange and selecting a specific campaign of their choice at the time of purchase.

Your favorite cause gets the funds it needs.

Causes are funded and lives are changed. They report outcomes back to everyone involved.  You and the company can see the impact your purchase made for the good of the entire community.

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